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Programmers make your site function properly.

iwebwork's professional Programming and Web Application Development services
Whether they are modifying an existing system or building one from the ground up, programmers can take all the credit for your site's functionalty.  Sort of like the shoemaker and his elves, programmers complete work on the backend of your site where no one can see them.  Typically they have a habit of working at night, too.

WARNING! TECHY JARGON ALERT:  Some examples of programming and web applications include script fixes and installs (third party software such as WordPress, or vBulletin), database design (organizing data to make things run faster/ smoother), user authentication (login system), user interfaces (what the user sees), and lots more.

Understatement of the century: site functionality is important
. You only get one shot to impress the fitst-time visitor. If the features and applications on your site don't work as they should, then what's the point?  They will forget your site in the time it takes to hit the 'back' button.

Programming technology has been evolving rapidly.  At this point, web-based applications are virtually as functional and user-friendly as their desktop application counterparts.  iwebwork's programming team is experienced in creating Rich Internet applications for various industry needs. 

The technologies we use in creating rich internet experiences and solid database designs include:

  • Flash / Flex
  • ActionScript 3.0 / 2.0
  • Ajax
  • Php / MySQL

Contact our professional programmers today to get your programming and web applications projects off the ground and finished on time!


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