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Web design is a major aspect of web development, and together they require the designer or design team to be one part artist and one part tech guru.  Let's break down the creative and technical factors our artsy-guru design team needs to take into account on a daily basis:


On the creative side

web design is creating the look and feel of your website. It's what you see even though you don't consciously say, "My, what an organized layout," or, "Hey, this 'theme' flows from page to page. They really nailed that," or, better still, "Wowee! What effective use of color and graphics! I want to click all over these red buttons!"


The look and feel of your site is your first chance to make a good impression on your audience and it will basically confirm in their minds whether they have come to the right place or not. Designers typically get credit only for having a good eye for this sort of thing because web design is, for many people, the creative and "artistic" influence on your site's appearance.


On the technical side

however, web design is as much a science as it is an art. As an visitor to websites, you may or may not notice that you typically only scan a web page for a few seconds before you decide to leave the page or read on.  Good designers are clever little devils because they orchestrate what the average visitor will respond to when they view a site.


For one, they organize they way your content appears on the page, which in other words, is the page layout. The layout impacts how effectively your most important information gets into the brains of your viewers, instead of just in one eye and out the other.  The designers balance your page's white space with the position of text and graphics so your products and services don't get lost in chaos. Designers create a 'theme' for your site. Whether it is corporate, elegant, or entertainment related, the theme shows the visitors whether your site is relevant to their needs and subject matter.  Because visitors hate having their time wasted, designers carefully plan and incorporate clear, intuitive navigation between your site's pages.


Even the colors your designers choose or recommend for your site have a major impact on how your visitors view you.  Science has proven that looking at colors causes specific emotional responses in people.  It is no accident that sites of a medical or corporate nature typically feature blue themes and sites for financial institutions typically feature green.  Good designers like ours put a lot of deliberate thought and planning into the decisions behind the "artistic" choices for your website.


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