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The oldest and most reliable way to reach the media is through the News Release.  The news release is sometimes called a “media release” but never a “press release.”  “Press” refers to print media, and broadcast media have been known to discard “press releases” as an indication the sender is clueless about media relations.[1]

Whether you are looking for a news release that focuses on a business announcement, event, or you require a search engine optimized media release for your online marketing campaign, look no further than We have in-house copywriters with Public Relations education and experience poised to craft effective, polished news releases and media relations materials for amazing value.


Full Service Media Relations

Before you issue your news release, first you have to consider something more important:  Have you made it EASY for a reporter to pick up your release and write story about you?  There are certain, specific media relations tools that reporters and bloggers rely on when they decide whether to pick up your news tip and write about it.

To consult with our Public Relations and news release copywriting professionals about what combination of media outreach tools will be most effective for your campaign, please contact our PR and Media Relations experts today.  We have the expertise to steer your media relations success, and we have highly competitive and affordable rates.  Ask us for more details.


Types of Media Relations Tools

  • Business Backgrounders
  • Boilerplate Statements
  • Media Advisories
  • News Releases


Did you know that the average editor or producer receives approximately 335 news releases a week, or 67 per day?  Of all of the releases that cross their desks, only 13% are considered useful.[2]

If you want a news release that grabs the media’s attention, you can't afford to waste your time and effort only to have your news tip deleted or ignored.  iwebwork has Public Relations practitioners on our copywriting staff who will craft media releases worthy of notice.

iwebwork’s rates for News Release copywriting services are calculated on a per word basis.   It’s never been more affordable to have a Public Relations professional at your service!  Contact us for more information or to receive a price quote.


Types of Specialty Media Releases

  • Promotional Media Releases
  • Social Media Releases
  • Business Media Releases
  • Entertainment Media Releases
  • SEO Media Releases
  • Internet Media Releases
  • Magazine Media Releases
  • Newspaper Media Releases
  • Radio Broadcasting Media Releases
  • Sports Media Releases
  • Television Media Releases
  • Wire Services Media Releases
  • Fashion Media Releases
  • Event Media Releases

Get Your News Release Today

Contact our Media Release copywriter today and we will put together a proposal for you, free of charge.

[1] Carney, William Wray. In the News: The Practice of Media Relations in Canada. 2nd Edition. The University of Alberta Press. 2008. Pg. 102.

[2] Ibid. Pg. 103.


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