What will your designer ask you?

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What Skilled Designers ask their Clients

The Web Designer/ Client Relationship
The primary concern for the client when contracting a web design is to ensure the designer’s listening skills are as sharp as their design and programming skills. Before a designer meets with their client, the onus is on them to research and identify the basics such as key products, services, and consumer base in order to gather the information necessary to craft a client’s ideal website and branding. A professional web developer will make it a priority to meet one-on-one with their client, if not in person, than certainly by way of conference call or some other mutually agreeable arrangement.

The designer should encourage contribution from all departments that will have needs in this website. In a personal interview with the designer, the client should be prepared to answer the following before moving ahead with the design:

  • What business is the company in? What products and services does the company provide and does it have a particular feature that sets it apart from the competition?
  • Experience and knowledge are relevant to consumers and revealing this information could give your company an advantage over the competition. How long has the company been in operation, or how many years of combined experience do the employees share?
  • Does the company have an existing logo or brand? Has the company considered logo design or redesign within the scope of this project? What colors, fonts, images and slogans, if any, are the company committed to?
  • Does the company have an existing website? If so, be sure the designer carefully notes all the things that the company and its online visitors liked and disliked about the website. This is where the client’s needs may be most clearly defined and easy revealed to the designer.
  • What is the company’s goal in developing or redeveloping the website?
  • Who is the targeted consumer? What are the average demographics (age, gender, and location) of potential customers?
  • What information does the company intend to provide to online visitors? Will the company require eCommerce (online sales) solutions?
  • Identify the company’s competition and whether they have developed their own website.

A professional designer will use the information obtained from you, the client, as a foundation for the website’s design and layout.

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