Our Process

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Our Process
Our approach varies depending on the project type and the needs of our client.  In most cases we are approached by a client, or we offer a proposal when we discover an interesting project.

So, in the beginning, there is a project idea.  And the project idea is without form, and confusion and hope show in the faces of the clients.  And the iwebwork team illustrates how wonderful the finished product will be and proposes a quote.  And the client says, quote approved, let’s start developing!  And the developing begins.


**Project Idea -> Quote -> Development <- -> Review -> Finished Product **


Depending on the project, the development phase may include custom Web and Logo design, Copywriting services, Print Media design, Web Applications, Hosting, or all of the above.  We maintain close contact with our clients throughout development.  Immediate feedback keeps everyone on the same page and shortens project times considerably.


Contact our development team to receive a project quote or kick start the development of your project today!


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Contact UsIn line with our stellar customer service guarantee, we have made it even easier for you to get in contact with us when you need us most.

In addition to on-site live help chat, we utilize several popular instant messaging systems, email, Skype, and toll-free telephone support. 

We invite you to fill out our Contact Request Quote form with your project ideas.  The more detail you provide, the more accurate a quote we can provide you.

For those who are not sure what they want and need in a website, please fill out our Client Needs Analysis form.  This form will walk you through some of your options, step by step, and will help us to determine your needs and produce a fair project quote for you.
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