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iwebwork RSS Feeds is carefully considering several distribution services to share our news alerts and releases.  Bloggers, Journalists and clients can also sign up to receive automated email alerts or add our news release feed to your reader.

  1. Email Alerts.  Sign up to receive our news releases via email.  You may unsubscribe at any time by using the ‘unsubscribe’ link included at the end of each email you receive.
  2. RSS Feed.  If you subscribe to an RSS reader, please add our news release feed. You may unsubscribe from the feed at anytime, no hard feelings.


Thank you for your interest in and our industry news!  Please note that our staff writer is easily distracted and sometimes heavily influenced by all the techno-jabber buzzing in the background, so if there is anything that we can improve upon to make your job easier, please feel free to let us know.  Our Media Relations contact info is available on every page of this site.


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Internet investment and development company,, is one of the region’s freshest faces in Web design.  Founded in Nova Scotia in 2004 under the parent company SupremeNames Inc., iwebwork began producing tailored Web solutions primarily for small-to-medium sized businesses.  Today iwebwork’s clients are excelling in international and niche markets via the Web.  With services including Website and logo design, marketing, programming, copywriting and more, business owners have good reason to visit






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In addition to on-site live help chat, we utilize several popular instant messaging systems, email, Skype, and toll-free telephone support. 

We invite you to fill out our Contact Request Quote form with your project ideas.  The more detail you provide, the more accurate a quote we can provide you.

For those who are not sure what they want and need in a website, please fill out our Client Needs Analysis form.  This form will walk you through some of your options, step by step, and will help us to determine your needs and produce a fair project quote for you.
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