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What you need to get started on your project depends on the type of project you are undertaking.  If you're not sure what your specific needs are, email, call or instant message us.  We’d be happy to lend an ear and shed some light on the details- no strings attached.  We’re always glad for an opportunity to educate the public, to brainstorm, and to make new friends.  Our advice is free.

For example, if you wanted to get started on a Web Development project to launch or re-launch a Website, here are a few examples of what you need to get started:


Domain Name:

Choose a Domain

Your domain is where visitors will go to view your website (, etc.).  Choose a domain name that reflects the topic or content of your site.  Be prepared to pay an annual fee of $10-35 to register your domain, depending on the registrar you choose.  We’re pretty good at this stuff: we can help you choose, acquire, and registering your new domain name.



iwebwork Hosting Servers

A website without hosting is like a band without a stage.  Your site can’t be seen or heard without a host to put you front and center.  In a nutshell, your website’s data (content, images, etc.) is stored on a server (just a computer designed specifically for this sort of thing).  A Web Host is a company whose job is to maintain the server and ensure that your site is available online 24/7.

Contact us if you need help deciding what type of hosting is right for your site, or check out our Hosting value packages here.

Web Development:

Developing a website is like taking a walk on the beach.  You’ve got the sparkling water and sand, the warm sun, the gulls, the vendors, a few shells and maybe a message in a bottle.  There’s a lot going on, but like your favourite beach, a great website experience is the result of many elements coming together without any one thing detracting from the others.

Web development and site design employs one part artist and one part tech guru.  Here are some of the elements of web development that our artsy-guru staff create on a daily basis:


iwebwork Web Development

Graphic Design: Graphic design done well includes creative, original, and attractive layouts, logos and artwork that you can feature not only on your site, but also in print media (such as business cards, letter head, brochures, etc.).  When you’ve got iwebwork on your side, you’ve got graphic design experience to drawn from.

Website Design: Some earmarks of good web design include intuitive navigation, attractive layout, effective use of color and graphics, and a theme that compliments your site’s audience and subject matter (corporate, elegant, entertainment, etc.).  Your site is more than just a pretty picture.

Programming and Web Applications: Programmers make your site function properly whether they are modifying an existing system or building one from the ground up.  Like the shoemaker and his elves, they complete work on the backend of your site where no one can see them.  They often work at night, too.

WARNING! TECHY JARGON ALERT:  Some examples of programming and web applications include script fixes and installs (third party software such as WordPress, or vBulletin), database design (organizing data to make things run faster/ smoother), user authentication (login system), user interfaces (what the user sees), and lots more.


Web development is our specialty.  We’ve got so much to say, you would need all day to read it.

In the meantime, have a look through our portfolio and client testimonials.

Contact our team now to discuss your ideas, receive a quote, or get started today!




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